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Lawn Care Specialists Servicing Caledon, Hockley Valley, Bolton,
Collingwood, Creemore, Orangeville, Mono & Mulmur

Customized Lawn Care and Mowing Services

Lawn Care Maintenance Programs

Weekly Cutting & Trimming

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Over 20 Years Specializing in Estate and Weekend Properties
Competitive Pricing – Free Estimates – Expert Lawn Analysis

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Owned and Operated by Andrew Grohal
R.R. 1, Glencairn, Ontario L0M 1K0

Our programs include Overseeding, Topdressing, Aeration and Maintenance
Spring & Fall Clean Ups – Full Lawn Care Weed & Feed Programs

These techniques improve the health of your soil and grass and should be part of any lawn care program.

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Lawn Care

DSC_0582Weekly Cutting & Trimming- Programs to suit your needs

Lawn Aeration

Thickening your Lawn by Over seeding, Slit Seeding, Hydro Seeding

Weed elimination and Control

Repair of Grub & Insect Damage

Before After 2

Garden Maintenance

Steiner 235Topsoil

Rototilling– Bi-Weekly Weeding – Mulching Beds

Pruning Shrubs & Hedges

Weekly Cutting & Trimming

Trees For Sale

Tree SERVICES Available

.Nursery Stock – Maple and Blue Spruce

Supplied and Installed!

Autumn Blaze Maple trees, which are 60 mm in size and selling for $175.00 each

Also 2-3 ft Blue Spruce trees, which are ” Dig Your Own” @ $15.00 per tree.



Tractor Services

TLB-Series-M59-Land-Pride-I (2)
Post Holes

Bush Hogging

Trail Clearing


Fertilizer Application Programs

Lawn Care - Fertilizing ImageFertilizer Application Program

3-4 Scheduled Applications;

April, May, July, September

Organic Available!

Our Products

We will be happy to provide you with the names and product labels of our seed blends, types of fertilizer and our low-toxicity insecticide and weed control options.

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Lawn Care Specialists Servicing Caledon, Hockley Valley, Bolton,
Collingwood, Creemore, Orangeville, Mono & Mulmur

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